All our collaborators benefit from the advantages of our On-line services in terms of saving TIME and MONEY .

We allow you to make any query, report or registration request from your own office and access the information you need from your client directly and quickly.

Just choose the collaboration formula that interests you the most:
If you are a LAWYER , an Advisory, Consulting or Management

What can we offer you?

If you want to create a new Business Area in your office, this is the best solution.

In collaboration with LIDERMARK , you can offer your clients the widest range of Professional Industrial and Intellectual Property Services.

Do not worry about anything, we offer you a Customer Service and the best professionals for your clients.

In addition, if your office has a Corporate presence on the Internet, we create, FREE OF CHARGE, a whole environment of personalized services so that your office can offer them to its clients. THAT EASY.

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If you have an internet portal aimed at ENTERPRISES

What can we offer you?

  • That you can have all our Professional Services, with the corporate image of the Portal.
  • We create the environment, the services, we participate in marketing actions, etc …
  • Offer all our services as if they were your own …

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If you want to belong to our NETWORK of ASSOCIATED OFFICES

What can we offer you?

If you are a professional specialized in Industrial and Intellectual Property, we offer
a great opportunity for INNOVATION and GROWTH .

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