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It is indisputable that the most important Brand is always the one that causes an immediate and automatic association of the entire public with a certain product or service.

A brand is understood to be any sign or medium capable of graphic representation that serves to distinguish in the market the products or services of one company from the identical or similar products or services of another company. It is one of the signs that entrepreneurs use to distinguish their products and services in the market, from the products and services of competing entrepreneurs.

All denominations (eg, Malboro, Coca-Cola, Liberto, Paternina), graphics or combinations thereof are considered as such. These are classified according to the international gazetteer, which is made up of 45 classes, of which the first 34 refer to products and the remaining eleven include services.

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The marks serve:
  • To individualize products and services.
  • To indicate to consumers the business origin of said products or services
  • To inform that all the products or services identified by the same brand have a constant quality.
  • In order to condense the prestige and good reputation that the products and services identified with said brand acquire in the market in this sign.
  • To carry out and reinforce an advertising function.
The requirements to carry out the REGISTRATION of a BRAND are the following:
The cost of trademark application and processing, including administrative fees and professional fees, withdrawal of the title, notices, surveillance and follow-up of the files until renewal (10 years), publications, Industrial Property Official Gazette and clichés is € 262 for a single class.


Denominations or combinations with graphics that protect natural or legal persons in their professional or business activity are considered as such. For example, Ecorub Supermarkets, Transportes Gálvez, Servicios Inmobiliarios Laysa, etc. The Law considers Commercial Name to be the one used commercially, they can be whole or abbreviated, names of people or entities.

The requirements for registering a NATIONAL BRAND , a TRADE NAME or a BRAND OF THE EUROPEAN UNION are as follows:
Application Trademark Registration or Commercial Name

With this form you can request your registration of National Brand, Trade Name or Trademark of the European Union.
Fields marked with a * are required.

Natural or Legal Person

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Product or Service

Indicate the Denomination and the Products or Services for which you intend to apply the registration:

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Classes of the Nomenclator (empty if unknown) - See Classes

Indicate the type of registration you want to make *

Indicate the type of brand:

NAME MARK: Registration of a denomination without graphic or logo

MIXED BRAND: Registration of a Denomination + Logo

GRAPHIC BRAND: Registration of a Graphic or Logo

Way to pay

Once the bank transfer has been made, you must send us the scanned receipt by email to , clearly indicating the Name of the Company or Person making the payment, as well as the Brand Name.

Bank transfer in favor of Lidermark Patentes y Marcas - ING DIRECT ES90 1465 0100 96 1712383494

Documents required for registration:

AUTHORIZATION signed by the applicant, you must send it scanned by email to our address

For GRAPHIC or LOGO it is necessary to send the model by e-mail to only in digital JPG format.

The information you provide us with your data will only be used to send our own confidential information and will not be disclosed to any other

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