I. LIDERMARK Integrated Policy It is committed to adapting and maintaining its current Integrated System, to the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001: 2004 standards.

The fundamental guidelines and principles of our company are based on the following aspects:

  • Guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • The establishment, review and communication within the organization of a framework of general objectives and Integrated Policy.
  • The development of training programs and the provision of the necessary resources.
  • The periodic review of the Integrated System to assess its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness, as well as a tool to establish continuous improvements within the system itself.

II. The basic policy on quality is based on the following 4 principles:

  • Standardization of the means and equipment of the company.
  • Loyalty of both customers and employees.
  • Continuous improvement of all our services and processes.
  • Self-control and zero defects in all company processes.

III. The basic policy on environment is based on the following 7 principles:

  • Promote environmental sensitivity and responsibility.
  • The adoption of prevention and control measures for tasks with environmental repercussions, through the identification of significant environmental aspects.
  • Creation of a spirit that motivates both employees and suppliers to minimize environmental impact.
  • Control the consumption of natural resources, the generation of waste and their segregation.
  • Involve suppliers and subcontractors in environmental improvement.
  • Social and transparent commitment regarding all the activities of the company.
  • Research and development of environmentally friendly products.

IV. This Policy is available to all company personnel, collaborators and to the general public.