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Welcome to Lidermark Patentes y Marcas . Please read the Terms and Conditions before using the content of the Lidermark Patents and Trademarks site or before sending it in any way and by any means for publication. By using the site or submitting content for publication on the Lidermark Patents and Trademarks site , you agree to abide by and be bound by the Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time, and you agree (including by virtue of your continued use of the site) to be subject to these changes. Unless expressly stated otherwise, any new features or functionality (including but not limited to video projects and related ones) that enhance or add to the site will be subject to these Terms and Conditions. You can find the most current version of these Terms and Conditions at any time at: lidermark.es. 1. We may discontinue or suspend the site or discontinue its use: We reserve at any time and periodically the right to modify or suspend the site (or any part of it), temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice. You agree that Lidermark Patents and Trademarks is not responsible to you or to any third party for such modification, suspension or interruption of the site. Furthermore, we reserve the right to interrupt your access to the site for any reason and to take the measures that Lidermark Patentes y Marcas , in your sole discretion, consider promoting the interests of the company and users as a whole. 2. We reserve all rights to the site and its content; You grant us some rights by submitting content to us for publication: (a) Our site (including all of its text, photos, images, video and audio content) is protected by copyright, as constitutes a collective work or compilation in accordance with the intellectual property laws of Spain, and we reserve all rights over it (subject to the rights of our licensors and licensees as established in current contracts and agreements). All article, blog, video, content and other elements that make up the site constitute works protected by copyright and we reserve all rights over them (subject to the rights of our licensors and licensees as established in contracts and agreements in force). You must comply with all notices or restrictions on the intellectual property rights contained on the site. (b) By posting or submitting content for publication on the site (regardless of the form or medium used with respect to such content, be it text, videos, photos, audio or other), you gives us and our affiliated companies, agents and independent contractors the right to display or publish such content on the site and in its affiliated publications (either in the form submitted or in the form of a derivative or adapted work), store, distribute and use such content for promotional and marketing purposes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, with respect to any video you send us, you understand and agree that (unless we agree otherwise) we may, or may allow users, based on the functionality provided and enabled by the website. , compile, re-edit, adapt or modify your video, or create works from it, either independently or together with other submitted videos, and (unless we agree otherwise) you will not have rights to it and us or our licensors will have the right to display or publish it (as compiled, edited, adapted, modified or derived) for any period of time. (c) You will have sole responsibility for your own content and the consequences of its publication or disclosure. With respect to each of its contents, you affirm, declare and / or certify that: (I) owns or has the licenses, rights, consents and permissions required to use and authorize us to use all patents, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property rights with respect to all content that allow the inclusion and use of such content in the manner contemplated by us and by these Terms and Conditions; and (II) has the consent, the disclaimer and / or the written permission of each of the identifiable persons that allow the inclusion and use of said content in the manner contemplated by us and by these Terms and Conditions. In accordance with the foregoing, you agree that: (I) will not send content that is protected by copyright, trade secrets or otherwise subject to the intellectual property rights of third parties, including privacy rights and advertising, unless you are the owner of such rights or have the permission of their rightful owner to post the material and grant us all the rights set forth herein; (II) will not publish lies or misrepresentations that could harm us or harm third parties; (III) will not send content that is illegal, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, causes behavior that is considered a criminal offense, causes civil liability, violates any law or is otherwise inappropriate; and (IV) will not publish advertisements or business proposals. We reserve the right to delete or not publish the content without prior notice. You agree that when submitting content in any way to Lidermark Patentes y Marcas we can authorize its distribution, diffusion or publication in other environments with the Lidermark brand Patents and Trademarks . 3. You have rights if you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated: If you are the owner or agent of intellectual property rights and you consider that any part of our content violates your intellectual property rights, please click here. 4. The use of our content is limited: (a) Unless expressly permitted, you may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, enter a database data, display, perform, modify, create derivative works, transmit or in any way exploit any part or content of the site, unless this is permitted in accordance with the last sentence of this Section 4 (a) and you are permitted to perform a printing of some articles for your personal use only. Notwithstanding the foregoing (and subject to the last sentence of this Section 4 (a)), you may not distribute any part or content of the site through any network, including without limitation a local area network, nor sell or put it up for sale. Also, you cannot use these files to generate any kind of database. Just as we cite content from other sources to support the various comments and articles featured on the site, we respect the right of others to use the content featured on the site “fairly”; therefore, you may cite and use the content presented on this site in accordance with the “fair use” principles. (b) We are concerned about the integrity of the site when it is presented in an environment created by a third party that includes advertising and other content for which we have not authorized publication. Neither you nor any third party may use the content of the site in any way that constitutes a violation of our rights, including intellectual property rights, or in a way that we have not authorized. 5. We are an Internet service provider, that is, we are not responsible for and we do not necessarily share the opinions expressed by our content partners: The opinions and statements expressed by users and third parties (eg, a blogger) are personal, opinions of Lidermark Patents and Trademarks do not constitute . Content created by third parties is your sole responsibility and their accuracy and completeness is not guaranteed or endorsed. You acknowledge that by allowing you to view and distribute content through the site, Lidermark Patentes y Marcas does not assume any responsibility or obligation regarding it. Lidermark Patents and Trademarks and its subsidiaries, successors, assigns, employees, agents, directors, officers, and shareholders do not assume any duty to monitor the site for illegal or inappropriate content. Lidermark Patents and Trademarks and its subsidiaries, successors, assigns, employees, agents, directors, officers and shareholders do not assume any responsibility or obligation that may arise from the content of the site, including, among others, demands for defamation, slander, infringement, violation of privacy and publicity rights, obscenity, pornography, blasphemy, fraud or misrepresentation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Lidermark Patents and Trademarks reserves the right to block or delete messages, publications or materials at any time in its sole discretion. 6. You will be responsible for any damage that you may have caused us as a consequence of the violation of these Terms and Conditions or as a result of any breach of their declarations and guarantees: You agree to indemnify and hold Lidermark harmless. Patents and Trademarks and its affiliates, and their respective members, directors, officers, employees, shareholders, agents, and licensors, in the event of any loss, expense, damage, and cost, including reasonable attorney fees, resulting from your violation of the Terms and Conditions and of any breach of their declarations and guarantees under this. We reserve the right to assume the exclusive legal defense against any claim for which we have the right to compensation pursuant to the provisions of this Section 6. In such case, you will provide us with your cooperation to the extent that we reasonably request it. 7. Your use of the site is subject to certain disclaimers: THIS SITE IS GOVERNED BY THE BASIS “AS IS AND AS AVAILABLE”. WE DO NOT DECLARE OR WARRANT THAT THIS SITE WILL WORK UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE. THERE MAY BE DELAYS, OMISSIONS, INTERRUPTIONS AND ERRORS IN THE NEWS, INFORMATION OR OTHER CONTENT AVAILABLE ON THE SITE. WE DO NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, REGARDING THE MARKETABILITY AND FITNESS OF THE SITE FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE OR ON ANY INFORMATION OR PRODUCTS THAT ARE AVAILABLE OR POSTED OR SOLD THROUGH THE SITE. WE DO NOT MAKE STATEMENTS OR ENDORSE THE ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, TIMELINESS OR TRUTHFULNESS OF ANY ADVICE, OPINION, STATEMENT OR OTHER MATERIAL OR DATABASE THAT HAS BEEN PRESENTED, UPLOADED OR DISTRIBUTED ON THE SITE OR AVAILABLE THROUGH THE SITE. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CORRECT ANY ERRORS OR OMISSIONS ON THE SITE. ALTHOUGH WE TAKE REASONABLE MEASURES TO PREVENT THE PRESENCE OF VIRUSES, WORMS, “TROYAN HORSES” OR OTHER MALICIOUS CONTENT ON THE SITE, WE DO NOT ASSURE OR GUARANTEE THAT THE SITE OR CONTENT WILL BE DOWNLOADED FROM IT. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR INJURY ATTRIBUTABLE TO SUCH VIRUSES. IF YOU TRUST THE SITE AND ANY CONTENT AVAILABLE, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. THIS SITE MAY CONTAIN DIFFERENT SETS OF TEXT, IMAGES, AUDIOVISUAL WORKS, OPINIONS, STATEMENTS, FACTS, ARTICLES, MARKET INFORMATION, BAG QUOTES OR OTHER INFORMATION CREATED BY US OR BY THIRD PARTIES. DUE TO THE NUMBER OF SOURCES FROM WHICH THE SITE CONTENT IS OBTAINED, AND THE RISKS INHERENT TO ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTION, THERE MAY BE DELAYS, OMISSIONS OR INACCURACIES IN SUCH CONTENT. THEREFORE, SUCH CONTENT, INCLUDING MARKET DATA, IS PRESENTED EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOUR CONSULTATION AND YOU SHOULD NOT TRUST IT FOR ANY REASON. THIS CONTENT IS NOT PRESENTED TO SERVE ADVICE ON TAX OR INVESTMENT AND DOES NOT SUPPORT THE PURCHASE OR SALE OF ANY TITLE, VALUE OR INVESTMENT. WE DO NOT AUTHORIZE OR ENDORSE THE INFORMATION CREATED BY THIRD PARTIES THAT YOU MAY ACCESS ON THE SITE OR THROUGH LINKS, AND SUCH INFORMATION IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THOSE THIRD PARTIES. 8. We are not responsible for links to other sites: We are not responsible for the availability or content of other sites that may have a link to our site. By virtue of the fact that we do not have control over these sites, you acknowledge and agree that we will not be responsible for the availability of such external sites, and that we do not endorse or be responsible for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, product or other materials available or presented through such sites. Likewise, you accept and acknowledge that we will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage, whether real or hypothetical, due to the use of or the reliance placed on the content, products or services available on said sites. 9. 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Our liability to you is limited: Lidermark Patents and Trademarks and its subsidiaries, and their respective members, directors, officers, managers, employees, shareholders, agents and licensors are not responsible for any type of direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damage, including, among others, loss of income or profit, loss of business or information, related to this site or any claim, loss or damage based on errors, omissions, interruptions or other oversights of the site (including, without limitation, as a consequence of the violation of any guarantee or clause stipulated in these Terms and Conditions). Any lawsuit you file against us will be limited to the amount you have paid (if any) for the use of the site. 11. 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