In the previous blog where to register a trademark  we discussed the importance of registering a trademark and doing it with specialists. But many of you have asked us what are the advantages of registering your brand. For this reason, we have decided to dedicate this week’s post to comment on all the advantages that the registration of a brand can have.

The advantages of registering the Spain and International trademarks are multiple, since the trademark registration indicates the users of the trademark, the business origin.


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    One of the advantages of trademark registration, the most important, is to protect it. With this we mean the legal protection that is made on the brand at the time of its registration. Because this legislative procedure guarantees the right of exclusive use of goods and services for a period of 10 years, renewable indefinitely. It can be an important part of your company’s competitive advantage. So, by registering the brand, we condense the good reputation that the products and services acquire in the market into the brand sign.

    As we have already said, once the trademark has been registered, you establish protection over the trademark and this brings about the second advantage of trademark registration, which is differentiation. The established protection guarantees the distinction by consumers of the products you offer. Why? Because by registering the brand you prevent other similar brands from registering. In addition to that all those products that are similar or equal to those offered by your brand may not be put on the market. In this way you achieve the individualization of your products and services.

    When a company makes an investment in the execution of a project, unconsciously, the interest placed on said project increases. Therefore, trademark registration makes companies invest in their products and especially in their brand. Because of this, trademark registration automatically maintains and improves brand quality.


    Another advantage of trademark registration is that it generates value on your brand unconsciously, since the brand is an intangible asset that you must protect with its registration. Many even consider that trademark registration generates profitability, because if we compare the cost with the investment, we win.

    There is not a single one that seems like a good company but it is necessary to demonstrate that what we are. A company must be official. Because it is scientifically proven that the public reaction to a brand name product is trust that you know or can know all aspects of the company.

These are the most important advantages of trademark registration and the main reasons why you should register the Spain or international trademark. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us, We will solve all your doubts as soon as possible.