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How can we protect a trademark abroad? The international trademark

Are you thinking of registering a trademark in other countries? You do not know how to carry out this registration, or what the conditions, terms will be ... From Lidermark, the official registry of patents and trademarks at a national and international level, we have decided to resolve this question that concerns a large part [...]

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Brands, their evolution

Maintaining a strong brand over time is very important. Because, it involves taking risky decisions, whether in administrative or technical matters ... It is possible that brands are successful and that over the years it will lose its position; either due to the misuse of this or the use of a bad strategy. Brand history [...]

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Procedure for obtaining an international patent

How can we obtain an international patent? Patent registration in one country may be more easily extended to some countries than to others and is due to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). This is the term that can refer to the world patent. The main objective is to facilitate patent registration procedures in different countries, [...]

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Differences between patents and trademarks

What are the differences between patents and trademarks? Patents and trademarks can be confusing, as both are a right granted for the exclusive use of the trademark or the patented element for a period of time. Furthermore, both concepts are territorial, that is, the legal protection of industrial property rights is only granted in the [...]

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