Thinking of creating a brand? Do you know the steps to follow to register a trademark? Not sure where to register trademarks? How much does it cost to register a brand?   These are questions that any natural or legal person can ask themselves at the time of registering trademarks. Today we are going to [...]

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Brands, their evolution

Maintaining a strong brand over time is very important. Because, it involves taking risky decisions, whether in administrative or technical matters ... It is possible that brands are successful and that over the years it will lose its position; either due to the misuse of this or the use of a bad strategy. Brand history [...]

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The advantages of registering patents

Many times we ask ourselves why it is important to carry out the patent registration and we did not find enough reasons to end up doing it. For this reason, we want to dedicate an article to explain what are the main advantages of registering, also explaining the advantages of a patent and certain aspects [...]

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Major trademark registrations (II)

Currently, trademarks are essential for the economic development of the company itself. Trademark registration is the basis of any company since it is the way to protect the ideas of its owners and / or creators, just as if we refer to patent registration. There are many registered trademarks in all parts of the [...]

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What signs constitute a brand?

It is understood as a brand; according to Article 4 of Law 17/2001 of December 7, on Trademarks; any sign capable of graphic representation that serves to distinguish in the market the products or services of one company with that of another. Therefore, the registration of a trademark is a title that grants the exclusive [...]

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Differences between patents and trademarks

What are the differences between patents and trademarks? Patents and trademarks can be confusing, as both are a right granted for the exclusive use of the trademark or the patented element for a period of time. Furthermore, both concepts are territorial, that is, the legal protection of industrial property rights is only granted in the [...]

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In the previous blog where to register a trademark  we discussed the importance of registering a trademark and doing it with specialists. But many of you have asked us what are the advantages of registering your brand. For this reason, we have decided to dedicate this week's post to comment on all the advantages that [...]

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