Industrial design and a product? What differences are there?
In the first place, industrial design and a product have differences as such, that is why today we are going to solve these doubts from many of the citizens. In addition, we are going to detail the protection requirements of the industrial design registration and a wide variety of characteristics in relation to it.

What is the industrial design?
Industrial design refers to the appearance of a product, in whole or in part. This appearance derives from the characteristics of the lines, contours, colors, shapes, textures or materials of the product itself or its ornamentation. On the other hand, the product refers to any industrial or artisan article, including, among other things, parts intended to be assembled into a complex product, packaging, presentation, graphic symbols and typographic characters, excluding programs computer scientists.


How do we register the industrial design in Spain?
These are the following ways in which the registration of the industrial design can be carried out and therefore protect it in national territory

• National Design. Law 20/2003

• Community Design. Council Regulation (EC) 6/2002 on Community Designs

• International Design. Hague Agreement, Act 1999

• Unregistered Design

What are the characteristic elements for industrial design?

-Newness: We can consider a new industrial design when no design, identical to this one, has been accessible to the public before the date of registration of the industrial design. The term “identical” is considered to all those designs whose characteristics differ only in irrelevant details. -Single character: An industrial design is considered unique when the impression produced on the informed user differs from the general impression but, for any other design accessible to the public before the date of submission of the application for registration of the industrial design – Complex product component designs: Refers to a product that is part of a more complex one. In such a way that the design of this piece could be protected if the two previously mentioned requirements are met and; Furthermore, the part incorporated in the complex product is visible in normal use of the same. – How is an industrial design registered? We are going to explain some of the steps that we must follow to register it: 1. It must be unique, that has not been known before. This is the first step to start creativity first! 2. You have 12 months from when it can be shown in a public event or media until requesting its registration. 3. You must record the design with enough views at the same scale so that there is no doubt about its geometry. 4. If your product is three-dimensional, six views would be correct, while if it is two-dimensional, four views would be enough.

In the following link you can find more information about industrial design (Ministry of industry, commerce and tourism)