Register trademarks: the importance of the logo.

One of the components to take into account when registering trademarks is the logo. That is to say, the symbol formed by images, letters … that serves to identify a company, a brand, an entity … and all the aspects related to them.

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Logo example: Lidermark, patents and trademarks.

Therefore today we are going to address two important issues once a trademark has been registered. This issue is related to the brand logo, corresponding to whether it should change its shape, color … once the brand registration has been made: is it possible to change the logo? Why did you decide to change the logo? What are the consequences of this change?

In previous articles we have learned about the different aspects related to registering trademarks, but it is important to take into account different aspects related to the moment after the action of registering trademarks has been carried out.
The answer is yes. If you can change the logo that makes up a brand. The question we ask ourselves now is, why does a company decide to make this change?

Why did a company decide to change the logo?
Brands move in an environment of continuous change and the logo is an element that accompanies them continuously. Consumers often recognize brands by logo, as is the case with the famous Apple apple. That is why the logo has to adapt to new uses and new situations in which the brand finds itself.

It is very difficult to change the brand at the same time that changes are made in the context in which it moves. Therefore, it is the logo that must change and adapt to the novelties in which the brand moves. A clear example is the adaptation of these to social networks, a virtual showcase for all brands.

On other occasions, they are not aspects that directly affect or influence the context in which the brand operates, but are external elements. These external elements are not under the control of the company and that is why the company must adapt immediately to these changes. A clear example of an external effect is found in communication crises or the sector in which the company is located. In short, many times these changes correspond to a modification of the image, and therefore of the logo.

Another reason why a company should change the logo of the company corresponds to the change of its activity. That is, the logo is the identifying mark of the company, therefore a change in the activity of the company will correspond to a change in the image of the brand. But, we have to bear in mind that two brands that carry out similar activities should not have similar brand design.

Consequences of making a change to the company logo.
Trademark registration can vary over time, although many consider that registering a trademark is forever. These variations allow us to adjust at all times to the internal and external circumstances of the company. We can achieve all this by modifying and renewing the company logo; since a change of this provides a new face of the company. It is an important and decisive decision in a company, since it will allow the company to position itself. That is why we can affirm that the logo is an important piece on which a company must act.

Lidermark, patents and brands, we are a company dedicated to the registration of brands and patents in addition to industrial design. You can get in touch to know the whole procedure of how to register trademarks. And remember that your logo can vary as the circumstances in which the brand moves vary; but, the brand is going to be the reference of all your clients.