Currently, trademarks are essential for the economic development of the company itself. Trademark registration is the basis of any company since it is the way to protect the ideas of its owners and / or creators, just as if we refer to patent registration.

There are many registered trademarks in all parts of the world. But there are two countries where more trademark registration is carried out. Can you imagine what they are? Keep reading and we’ll find out.

Indeed, the country, by far, with the most registered trademarks during the year is China. This is a much higher number, by far the United States (the second country with the most trademark registrations). To many of you these data do not surprise you since they are the great economic powers of the planet. But, which companies stand out? Surely they surprise you.

Trademark registrations in China

In the first place we find China, this is, without a doubt, the country with the highest exports in the world. But also, a country where counterfeits occupy an important part in the country’s economy. That is why, if it belongs to this country and you do not have your trademark, start with it. Contact us, we inform you on how to register trademarks in China and get an international trademark registration. If you do not invest in the most important step to protect your brand and especially your company, you may subsequently incur a high expense.

The Chinese brands with the highest brand value are Huawey, Lenovo, Alibaba and Xiaomi. These are considered brands with high value due to their presence in the European Union. This shows the high dynamism and competitiveness of Chinese companies, managing to transform into a global brand. It is a very big opportunity for trademarks registered in China to access the European market since consumers are receptive to these brands.

In this case, China is considered the country with the highest trademark registration, since the evolution of registered trademarks increases considerably over the years. Taking into account above all that those who agree to register a trademark in China have also done so in European territory. Reaching figures in the trademark registration in Europe of 8% of European registrations is from China.

Trademark registrations in the United States

Second, the United States ranks as one of the most influential countries with the largest number of entrepreneurs. This country has great powers and therefore with registered trademarks that provide greater added value than that incorporated by the first power in trademark registration.

Following the added brand value of each of the world powers we find:

1. AMAZON. It is growing by leaps and bounds, where it becomes the most valuable technology brand.
2. APPEL. It is the most innovative company with incredible brand value. A brand that has been able to link each of its products creating a network between it.
3. GOOGLE. It is the brand with the second largest value in the world today, being the most important search engine. Above it are millions of indexed pages and it is one of the most important platforms on which to carry out digital advertising.

These are some of the most important trademark registrations. Imagine that the creators and / or owners of these brands had not registered the trademarks. What would have happened? What would your life be like? Performing the trademark registration, you can make your brand become an important and prestigious brand. We will take care of the trademark registration and renewal procedure.