Many times we ask ourselves why it is important to carry out the patent registration and we did not find enough reasons to end up doing it. For this reason, we want to dedicate an article to explain what are the main advantages of registering, also explaining the advantages of a patent and certain aspects to take into account when registering patents.


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1. Competitive advantage: a patent protects its owner for a maximum period of 20 years, during which no third party may make use of the protected product and / or service without the owner’s consent. Therefore, becoming the most effective legal protection instrument, against copies and plagiarism.

2. Patents facilitate commercialization. When a company has a patent, it naturally brings a certain degree of prestige. For example, a certain degree of seriousness, trust and increased brand value.

3. A patent is an instrument for technological advancement and development . These can offset the high cost of the technological research and development process.

4. It is or may be the most valuable intangible asset of a company.


1. Unique sales . During the 20 years that the patent lasts, the entrepreneur will have the right to exclusively market his product. And therefore they will become unique sales for the owner of the same.
2. Royalties . Having the rights to a product or process allows the entrepreneur to license, sell or transfer it and receive, in exchange, royalties.
3. Attractive for investors . Investors are more likely to dedicate resources to a patented project, as they will be more interested in receiving profit from the exclusive sales that are generated.
4. Encourage more innovation . Patent registration also has an effect within the company and is the constant motivation of employees. Said growth of the company, would be reflected in better working conditions.
5. Increase brand value . Brands like Coca-Cola and Bimbo have patented their formulas, an intangible that makes companies more valuable compared to others.
6. Registering patents prevents conflicts with third parties for infringement of rights, especially with competitors with technologies similar to those developed.


As you have seen, patenting has numerous advantages for every owner of it. But, we must also refer to the disadvantage, and that is that the inventor has the obligation to disclose the invention in such a way that it is reproducible by a person skilled in the art. This disadvantage can be partially eliminated if certain data is not provided or certain essential information is not specified in the specification of the invention. In these cases, the ideal is for this information to be protected under industrial secrecy.

The registration of a patent requires technical, legal knowledge and experience to carry it out, which is why we recommend contacting an official patent registration company, such as Lidermark. We will accompany you throughout the procedure, both advice from register patents as in its registration.