Thinking of creating a brand? Do you know the steps to follow to register a trademark? Not sure where to register trademarks? How much does it cost to register a brand?


These are questions that any natural or legal person can ask themselves at the time of registering trademarks. Today we are going to focus on the strategies that brands can follow before registering a brand. We remember that this procedure has been explained in previous posts. But you can access its explanation by clicking on the question mentioned above. Or, by sending an email to our contact to request more information.

Importance of a brand strategy

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It is important to develop a brand strategy that fits with the market strategy that the company follows. Remember that customers will remember the values ​​of the company through its brand. That is why brands must have characteristics that fit the business and allow the company to develop and grow.

Therefore we can define the brand strategy as the planning discipline through which it is possible to achieve specific brand objectives aligned with the business plan of the company. Developing a branding strategy is considered by many to be one of the most challenging steps in the marketing plan process, and this is a vital step in branding the company.

When we talk about the brand’s strategy, we do not want to refer to its execution, which may vary even if the strategy is the same.

Brand management

It is very difficult to get a brand to be differentiated and valuable. The first step to do this is to find that it identifies the company, its functions and skills. Also, to make it different from the competition. For this, Lidermark, official manager of the trademark registry, makes available a platform to know if the trademark that we think is already registered.

But the management of the brand should not only be at the beginning with the creation or at the time of registering the brand, but also in the future. In other words, a brand manages to be powerful by performing daily actions that allow it to be strengthened.

It is important to keep in mind the effort that goes into creating and registering a trademark. Because it is in addition to time in planning and researching it, a large amount of resources are invested; all this to achieve an intangible asset in the company that will lead to its success. This is where we talk about brand equity. And that is why brand management also includes protecting the investment and managing its future.

When we talk about the future of the brand, we want to refer to two aspects. The first one is a matter for the company itself, which, as we have said, should not neglect brand equity. This can be the main asset within a company. And second, renew the trademark registration. These are two important aspects, because if we have a brand whose value is high but whose registration has expired, the company is in a complete conflict.

That is why when we talk about brand management we have to take into consideration an adjective, this is: be proactive, in the face of problems or risks that occur in front of the brand.

Different strategies to follow before registering a trademark.

  • Only

It is a strategy followed by companies that want to dominate all their products with a single brand, even if they are different products. In other words, a single prestigious brand decides to group all its products, services, models, accessories… of the company under the same brand. It is the example of Nivea or Renault.

  • Multiple

In the opposite case to the single brand we find the multiple brand. This strategy consists of creating different brands to communicate to the market the existence of different products or product lines. The main advantage of this strategy is the personalization of the message as it adapts to each target group.

  • Umbrella

It is a strong, recognizable and well-known brand that covers different product lines or product brands.

  • White or dealer

This is the strategy adopted by manufacturers or distribution companies. This strategy is an advantage for the distributor because, apart from the prestige of extending the products with the brand, it can achieve large profit margins.

These are just a few examples of the branding strategies that companies can follow. Remember that to achieve the success of a company’s brand it is important to choose the strategy that best suits the company. But above all … register your brand, because it is the step for a brand to be known.