Maintaining a strong brand over time is very important. Because, it involves taking risky decisions, whether in administrative or technical matters … It is possible that brands are successful and that over the years it will lose its position; either due to the misuse of this or the use of a bad strategy.

Brand history

las marcas

Registering a trademark, as such, begins to make sense at the moment of the appearance of well differentiated products. Consequently, trademark registration begins to become known when printing begins to be an activity, as products begin to be promoted. Therefore, we speak of the industrial revolution of the 19th century. At that time, brands were barely known and the first attempts to formalize marketing began to emerge. This caused organizations to focus on production and process improvements, achieving increasingly differentiated products.

It is in the 20th century when brands begin to evolve and produce quality products. In addition, registering a brand begins to make more sense, as competition will increase. This is due to the emergence of the media such as radio and television; in which brands advertise services and products offering a security guarantee.

Trademark update process:

A true branding process involves restoring the brand promise to the entire target audience.

The first step to evolve in brands is to make changes through elements such as the logo. In other words, many companies use logos to identify their products and services with a certain brand. Mainly, because without a logo it is very difficult for the consumer to differentiate one company from others and to expect quality standards with the company with which they interact. But, as society advances logos too, they are not static elements and they change over time as consumers change. But a logo change is only a change of the visible face of the brand and therefore a change of a small part of what a brand change strategy should be.

Secondly, any change or update requires the involvement of management as it is about managing the strategic asset of the company. The changes that take place in the company must always be accompanied by the managerial vision and the marketing team. Thus, making successful corporate changes and promoting and implementing a strong strategy.

It is very important to always keep in mind that the brand strategy must be aligned with the business strategy, or the business strategy with the brand strategy. This implies having the security and the ability to implement the brand proposition at all points of contact. Keep in mind that brand change or evolution processes can be a success for companies or can negatively influence the ability of employees and partners to fulfill the promise in a tangible way.

But the most important thing is not to update the brand but the trademark registration, since if the trademark is not carried out it can be lost and pass into the hands of someone else who performs said trademark registration. That is why it is important to have experts who carry out all this procedure, because that way you will know how to register a trademark, where to register trademarks and of course when to renew the registration of a trademark. It has Lidermark, an expert in the registration of patents, trademarks and industrial designs.